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Save Money Crafting

Running a crafting business is hard for me because as much as I am a cheapskate and overly disdainful of spending money on everyday things for myself (I have clothes that are over a decade old), when it comes to crafting stuff I LOVE spending money; I want every new toy, every colour of vinyl, all the cute shirt styles.

Since I know I’m going to spend the money anyways, I use cashback programs to help take some of the sting out. It’s like getting an extra bonus percentage off every purchase from those retailers. Unlike couponing or waiting for sales, there is basically zero effort involved.

Some of the participating retailers I’ve earned cash back from includes:

    • (I buy a lot of supplies from them, including vinyl, Cricut mats, and random crafting material)
    • Old Navy (my go-to for kids’ raglans)
    • Etsy (doesn’t apply to fees you pay to sell, unfortunately, but great if you’re buying supplies from other Etsyians)
    • Ardene (carries a lot of cute polyester shirts that work for sublimation)
    • Canada Post (not applicable on shipping fees but does apply to shipping supplies)
    • VistaPrints (for all your business cards, product stickers and craft market signage)
    • GoDaddy (they host this blog, as well as my various business domains)

and tons more! There’s even browser extension you can install that will tell you when you’re visiting a website that offers Cashback through one of these programs so you never miss an opportunity to save. I have found that Amazon does NOT work with the extension though, you have to remember to go to the website and manually click through the Amazon link before adding items to your cart to get the cashback.

My Favourite Cashback companies

My two favourite cashback companies are Swagbucks and I run browser extensions for both of them so I can see which site gives the bigger reward, as they’re not always the same.

You can see here when I visit the Old Navy website I get two automatic pop-ups. The Ebates one is behind the Swagbucks one but pops up before it, so they’re super easy to compare.

Which is better, Swagbucks or Ebates?

I like the having both because it gives you the opportunity to get a higher reward and from a bigger variety of companies. Swagbucks also offers paid surveys, games, and other opportunities to earn SB, which you can redeem at any time for gift cards for places like, Starbucks, Indigo and more. I would recommend this if you’re looking to kill some time and earn some extra money working from home. It took me about a month of random survey doing and playing the games to get my first $25 gift card though so it’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

Ebates is just straight up cash back – you shop, you earn, and they send you your choice of a cheque, PayPal or Amazon GC every 3 months, as long as you’ve accumulated a minimum of $5.01. They also regularly have coupons, bonus cash back and other offers.

Both companies also give you the option to donate some or all of your cashback to charity.

New account bonuses

Sign up with Ebates today and get a bonus $5 cashback when you make a qualifying purchase in the calendar quater

If you shop at American sites (, AliExpress, Dollar Tree and more) you can also sign up for and get a $10 bonus.

Sign up for Swagbucks and get a bonus 500SB (redeemable for a $5 gift card) when you earn 500SB in the first month

These offers are not controlled by The Crafty Beaver and are subject to change. Please see websites for full details.

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Do you already use cashback for your small business? Let me know in the comments your favourite companies to shop with! How else do you save money for your crafting business?

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