Where to buy Vinyl Wholesale in Canada

This list is an ongoing project. While I try to keep it accurate and up to date, please see distributors’ websites for exact information. If you know a company that should be on this list you can let me know at Shanley@TheCraftyBeaver.ca

When you’re running your own vinyl business, getting sheets of vinyl for $2.25 each at Micheals racks up fast! Buying in bulk is one of the easiest ways to save money on your grocery bill, so why not for crafting too?

There are only a few vinyl manufacturers in North America, two of the best known being Orafol (maker of Oracal) and Siser. These manufacturers sell only to distributors. Several of these distributors may sell directly to crafters, though typically they sell to craft vinyl retailers, (like Happy Crafter), who we, the vinyl crafters, then purchase from.

It seems easier to find wholesale adhesive vinyl, (as sign makers use larger rolls) than to find larger rolls of heat transfer vinyl, but both are available if you know where to look. 

 Things to consider when buying wholesale vinyl

Craft vinyl sheets are usually 12″ x 12″. When buying wholesale they’ll come on a continuous roll, usually in a 15″ or 24″ width, since that’s what the industrial vinyl cutting machines use. Different cutting machines will accommodate different widths of vinyl, so check what size works with your machine before buying.

If you’re buying a 24″ roll there may be an extra fee to get it cut into 12″ craft rolls. You can do it yourself if you have the right tools.

The 15″ rolls of adhesive vinyl are sometimes ‘punched’ which means there’s a row of holes along each edge of the vinyl, for feeding into certain large vinyl cutters. They take up roughly 0.3″ on each side of the roll, so you’re actually getting about 14.4″ of usable width.   

Where to buy wholesale vinyl in Canada

Express Sign Products – I’ve personally shopped with these guys and can vouch for the great service. Since they’re a wholesaler they did have a high minimum purchase (I believe it was $175) and they e-mailed me to confirm I’d be buying in bulk before approving my account. They have a wonderful variety of sizes and colours though.

Grimco – They have six locations across Canada listed: Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Burnaby BC, Toronto ON, Dartmouth NS and Lachine QC.

ND Graphics – Manually approved account required to see their catalogue. Has a huge collection of Siser products as well as 3M and Avery brand vinyl.

Ink4U – A sign supply store, with locations in Halifax, Toronto and Montreal. They seem to have good reviews online and carry a wide range of Oracal, with a 24″ x 10-yard roll for about $35-40 depending on the colour.

Sign Supply Canada (ON) – They carry Siser, Oracal, MACtac and have up to 30-yard rolls of Siser listed on their website, in 5-yard increments.


Retailers offering larger vinyl rolls

Amazon – carries 10 or 20-foot roll of Oracal 651 and 631 in a limited selection of colours. You can even take advantage of Amazon’s free prime shipping. Good for if you’re in a pinch and need it NOW, but you can get better prices elsewhere.

Happy Crafters (ON) – carries 5, 10, and 50 yard rolls of Oracal 651 and 631, as well as 5 yard rolls and 10 yard rolls of Siser Easyweed in a wide variety of colours.

Design Blanks (ON) – carries Siser Easyweed, Easyweed Stretch HTV, Glitter HTV, and Stripflock HTV in 1, 5, and 10 yard lengths. Use coupon code CRAFTYBEAVER for 5% off storewide.

RQC Supply (ON) – Carries Siser and Oracal Vinyls 631/651/751/951, stencils, transfer tapes and specialty vinyls in lengths up to 50 yards. Free shipping over $150 and free local pickup in Woodstock, ON. 

Script Designs (QC) – carries an amazing range of heat transfer vinyl and adhesive vinyl in 1, 5, 10 or 50-yard lengths, with bulk discounts available. Don’t forget to add their shipping discount code posted on their main page! They also have a storefront in Saint-André-Avellin (about an hour drive East of Ottawa) if you prefer to pick up. Check their local clients page for hours and address.

Silver Fox Vinyl (BC) – choose custom length rolls of HTV or adhesive vinyl with quantity discounts automatically applied. Contact them to order lengths greater than what they have in stock on the website. Local pick up available in Abbotsford, BC.

The Vinyl Menagerie (ON) – 1 and 5 yard lengths available through the site, contact for custom lengths. Free Canada-wide shipping over $99. Local pickup available in Azilda, ON.

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