Why I don't Weld my script fonts in Silhouette Studio

I don’t use the weld feature in Silhouette Studio. Blasphemy right? How do you cut script fonts without welding them? Well, let me explain…

To start off, I wrote out my saying, that will be going on a maternity shirt. The font used is the totally amazing Hijrnotes that I downloaded as part of my commercial license, monthly subscription from CreativeFabrica. I like to set my font to black and turn my cut lines off so I can really see what the design is going to look like when it’s cut.

Normally when you’re happy with your design you’d weld it together. Instead, I click the offset button (or right-click and choose Offset) and set my offset based on how thin the script is. If the writing is already thick enough to cut nicely, you can set the offset at 0.000 and it will outline the text as is.

If the font is thin and I think it will be hard to cut or not stick firmly (skinnier font = less adhesive = less grip) then I’ll do a 0.010 or 0.015 offset.

You can see here the effects of the different offsets. A 0.000 offset will look the same as the original or welded.

Once you offset it all the unattached words or letters will become separate pieces, so I usually click group before anything else. Then drag your original text off to the side and you have your nicely joined script left behind and ready to cut. If the offset makes some of the holes in the middles of letters too small then you can release them and manually resize them so they cut more easily.

So, what makes offset so much better than weld? For starters, when you weld your text it becomes a path and no longer has the text properties, meaning you have to remember or recognize the font later on. When you offset your text, you still have your original text intact. I drag my original text off the side of the mat, so if I change my mind on the design later it only takes a second to make changes. This works perfectly for me because I tend to flip-flop incessantly about font choices.

It also lets you thicken up your font, which can make it easier for your machine to cut, less of a pain to weed and give more adhesive strength.

So, what do you think, is offset the new weld?

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Offset is the new Weld

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