Wondering how to manage multiple Pinterest accounts?

It can be quite a juggling act when you decide to open a second store, because on top of the actual shop itself, you have another email to monitor, and a whole new set of social media accounts.

I use Gmail and G Suite for all my e-mails, just because it’s so ridiculously easy to juggle multiple accounts.
Instagram and Facebook are both pretty easy to manage as well since they allow you to be signed in to multiple accounts on both their desktop and mobile versions.

Unfortunately, Pinterest is a little behind the times and only allows you to be signed in to one account at a time.
There is an easy way to handle this though!

Pin to any account with Tailwind

Unlike Pinterest, Tailwind allows you to be signed in to multiple accounts at once! Just add all your accounts on the website by going to the menu on the lefthand side of the screen, hover over your username and then click the green ‘Add new account’ button on the pop-out menu. You need to be signed into the Pinterest account you’re adding so that Tailwind can be authorized on it.

After your new account is authorized, when you click schedule you can choose the account you want to post to by clicking your profile name on the top of the page and selecting the appropriate accounts.

select the Tailwind account you want to post to

When you sign up for a new account, you’ll receive 100 free pins, which gets shared amongst all your attached accounts. Once you’ve used up all your free pins you can still use this method, but you’ll have to go into your Tailwind account and press Pin Now, to manually pin it.

P.s, if you sign up for Tailwind, e-mail me and I’ll send you a link for a $15 account credit, enough for a free month of Plus!

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Multiple Pinterest Account Hack using Board Collaborators

This method is a bit more complicated but don’t require signing up for any extra accounts.

To start off, make one secret board for each of your other accounts and add your other accounts as a collaborator.
For example, my Crafty Beaver account has two secret boards for this method, one for each shop. Each of my shop Pinterest accounts have a secret board for the other two accounts.

Whatever account you’re signed in to, if you find a perfect pin for once of your other accounts, just save it to that secret board. Then later, when you’re signed into your other account, you can easily repin from the secret board to the appropriate boards on this account. account.

Not sure how to add a collaborator?

First, create your new secret board.

Then click the Edit button (the little pencil) and invite your other accounts.

Go into your other accounts, accept the invites (they’ll show up in your notifications) and start pinning!

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