Truth time: I thought the Tailwind app was useless for the first few months that I had it.

There was a few time I almost deleted it, before realizing it does have a few cool features (like hashtag lists!)

It’s definitely not the best app, but being able to schedule things for later when I’m deep in a 4am Pinterest-binge – lying in bed on my phone when I’m supposed to be sleep – is awesome.

That happens more than I care to admit.
My toddler is a total nighthawk & wild thing, so 3am-10am (when he’s usually k.o’d) is my ‘me time.’

Scheduling pins with your iPhone

Scheduling to Tailwind is so simple I skipped writing a tutorial and made you a little gif!

Way more fun, right?

1. Tap Send (the grayed out button beside Save)
2. Scroll right and hit More apps
3. Choose Tailwind. If you don’t see it as an option, click the More button and turn it on.
4. Pick your boards and schedule it!

Just a couple things that tripped me up:

  • if you don’t see new boards on the list, pull down on the list to refresh.
  • your pin needs a description or it won’t save
  • you can’t change your account while you’re scheduling. If it’s posting to the wrong account you have to close it, open the Tailwind app, change the account then go through the scheduling process again.
  • you can’t set intervals on your phone (or at least I haven’t figured out how to yet) but you can drag and drop pins on your calendar to reschedule them
  • The Tailwind app is only available on iOS currently, sorry Android friends!

Not on Tailwind yet? Get started today for free and receive a $15 account credit (good for one month of free Plus membership!)

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