Well, it’s official: BoardBooster is closing down.

This is the e-mail Pinterest has started sending out to BoardBooster users, makes it clear that it violates their TOS and is not an approved scheduler:

Pinterest e-mail officially stating BoardBooster is not an approved scheduler

I got the official e-mail from them on June 25th:

Boardbooster's final e-mail before closing

So what to use instead of BoardBooster?

Tailwind is the most popular Pinterest scheduler and is recognized as an official partner by both Pinterest and Instagram.

If you have a friend who uses Tailwind already, ask them for their referral link because you BOTH get a free month of Plus membership! If you’re the trendsetter in your group and don’t know anyone else using it, you can use my referral link and get started with a $15 account credit -> https://www.tailwindapp.com/i/craftybeavercanada

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