Health Canada just announced a recall of Alumilite Clear Cast Epoxy, a popular brand used in crafting, including jewellery makings and glitter tumblers. I have personally purchased this from Micheals and Amazon. Based on the information provided in the recall notice, it is an issue with the packaging not meeting consumer regulations and not a problem with the product itself, so don’t panic if you have been using it!

The recalled products were sold between January 2013 and May 2018 and include these three sizes:

Model Number Net contents of side A + side B combined UPC
10589 236 mL (8 fl. oz.) 636045984724
10590 472 mL (16 fl. oz.) 040232000553
10591 472 mL (32 fl. oz.) 636045984731

If you are affected by this recall, please see the official recall notice for complete details.

You can also sign up for Health Canada’s product recall notices to be informed of any future recalls.

I also share craft related notices whenever possible on The Crafty Beaver Facebook page.

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