TL;DR version: If you’re going to sign a phone contract, leverage your buying power!
 Don’t sign up for the ‘deals’ they’re offering without asking for a better deal.
This story contains no affiliate links. I just hate wasting money.
If this saves someone else some cash, so they can afford more craft supplies, I’ll be thrilled!

The backstory 

I’ve had my iPhone 5c for almost 5 years. I love the little thing, but it’s hit a point where I can’t update the iOS anymore.
I was trying to download the new Shopify Ping app, and got a notification that I needed iOS 10. No problemo, I’ll just download – wait, what do you mean my phone doesn’t support that?!
I’d looked at upgrading a year ago but chose to keep my phone because I hate how big they make phones these days.


A few years back I went to see Hollerado with my sister, who had a huge Android phone. It didn’t fit in her pocket, so she asked me to stick it in my bag. Of course, that was super helpful when I lost her and was trying to call her later in the evening…
A couple months ago I’d gone in to Bell to ask about changing my phone. I told the sales rep I had a 5c and wanted something a similar side. She flat out told me they don’t make iPhones that small anymore. Boo!
After lots of hubbub recently about the amazing photos from the iPhone 7 and 8 are, I knew it was time to upgrade.

Do your research

I’d been with Chatr for the last few months and love how cheap it was. At about $45 a month for 4GB data, unlimited talk and text, it was a great deal. On the downside, I didn’t get reception in a lot of the out of the way places we travelled to. They also don’t even offer iPhones, so it was an easy scratch.
I started internet shopping around when my sister recommended Koodo. They have the same coverage map as Bell, but I found their Tab system annoying and deceiving.
They push the whole ‘pay off your phone and pay less.’ When you’re done your contract you own your phone regardless of the company. You can call and get a better deal when your contract ends regardless of the company.
Bell had the iPhone 7 listed on their site for $0, if you sign up for a $70/month Smartphone Plan, with at least 1GB ($25/month) data.
Basically, $95/month, plus 911 fees and tax.


They offer 24 hour chat, so I hopped on and was greeted by a friendly sales rep. I told her, ‘I’m with Chatr right now but looking to sign up for a plan. I want the iPhone 7. Koodo offers a similar plan but will waive the $30 activation fee if you sign up online. I’m wondering if Bell has any similar offers that aren’t listed on the website.’
This let her know upfront that I wasn’t with Bell currently, but I’d already done my research and was deal hunting.
I don’t know exactly how it works behind the scenes. The sales reps either have, or can easily get, access to better deals to sway you to sign up.
With almost no hesitation she let me know she could sign me up for a $80/month plan. That includes unlimited text, 2GB of data and 500 anytime minutes.
When she sent the bill over, I noticed it was actually marked down as $75/month, plus the nominal 911 fee and taxes.

Celebrate your savings 

With a few minutes of research and then simply asking, I saved myself over $540 during the course of my two-year contract. I also got twice as much data as the more expensive plan they’d listed as the minimum.
This works for pretty much any service you’re considering signing up for. You have nothing to lose by asking!
Drop a comment below if you’ve negotiated a better rate on something!

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