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Are you still wasting time typing keywords one at a time into the Pinterest search bar, trying to figure out what your customers or readers are searching for? Save your time for the fun stuff but getting hundreds of great keywords in minutes!



If you already have a business account, you can skip this paragraph to get to the good stuff.

Get a Pinterest Business Account

If you’re starting a new account, go here: Pinterest for Business (opens in new window.)
Click Join as Business, fill all the details out, read and accept their TOS and click Create Account.

If you’re converting a personal account to a business profile, make sure you’re logged in, then go to this page (opens in new window), fill out all the info and click done.

The good stuff

Use your Pinterest Business Account to find Pinterest keywords On your business account, you’ll notice two little buttons in the top right corner: Analytics and Ads. The Analytics button gives you access to SO much good info, but we’ll get into that another time.

On the Ads tab, click the first option ‘Create Ad.’ Don’t worry, it won’t charge you; this research method is free!

The information you input on the first page of the ad campaign doesn’t matter. I picked Traffic as my campaign objective for good luck.

The only required info is campaign objective and campaign name. After you fill in those two boxes, click ‘Create campaign and continue.’ The Ad group details on the next page is where the magic happens.

In the ‘Add Interests’ section, you’ll see a lot of broad categories. Scroll through these, or search some general keywords related to your topic, to see what’s popular. Jot down anything that tickles your fancy, as these might be good board ideas.

List of actual Pinterest Keywords people are searching millions of time each month
Under that is the Add Keyword section, which is where the good stuff is. Type in a broad keyword related to your niche, for example ‘farmhouse decor.’

Sometimes it’s finicky. For example, beavers brings up no results, but beaver brings up a list. If you get stuck, look for synonyms, or switch your words up. Farmhouse white won’t bring up results but white farmhouse does.
If you search a keyword and it doesn’t load anything, it’s too specific. There aren’t enough relevant searches for it to populate a whole list so pick a different keyword.

If you chose not to join my mailing list you can jot down the keywords into your planner, a notepad or whatever other method you use for tracking keywords, or just copy and paste them right into board or pin descriptions.


How to use the free Google Sheets Pinterest keyword tool

After you’ve subscribed to my mailing list, you’ll receive the password to the Free Resource Library, where you can acces the link to the Pinterest Keyword Tool on Google Sheets.

Highlight the keyword list on Pinterest, from the beginning of the bold Keyword until the end of the word right above the See More button. Copy and paste this list into the Google Sheets document. Make sure you’re right-clicking in column A and using the regular Paste feature or it won’t autoformat.

You’ll see the numbers in column C are now colour-coded for you by the number of monthly hits. Go back to the Pinterest ad page and grab another set of keywords. Our goal here is to quickly create a large list of keywords that see hundreds of millions of hits every month.

Quick tip: On some browsers, if you have your list highlighted and click load more, it will stay highlighted but bring up a new batch of keywords. Then you can just keep copying and pasting into Sheets.

After you’ve got your Pinterest keyword lists pasted into Sheets, click the green icon on the Monthly Search cell and then the blue Okay button. This automatically filters all the results with under a million monthly viewers, as well as the extra Keyword/Monthly Viewer titles. You don’t need to do this, but if you skip filtering than your 500k-1M viewers will show up after the 5M viewers, since it sorts numerically by the first digit.

Click the green icon again, then sort Z > A, which will order all your keywords from most to least searches. There you have it: the exact keywords getting hundreds of millions of searches on Pinterest every month.

No more guessing, no more typing keywords into the search bar one at a time.


Where to use these Pinterest Keywords

This list is a goldmine. You can use these keywords in your Pinterest profile, board titles & descriptions and pin descriptions. Even better, it is a springboard for new products or blog posts. These are actual Pinterest keywords that are being searched millions of times every month! Use them for inspiration for new products or blog posts. Look for keywords that are relevant to your niche but a topic you’re not currently covering. Especially if you find a batch of keywords related to each other getting tons of searches, it might be a good sign to dig into that!

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