Tailwind is the secret to rocking Pinterest!

I’m a little obsessed.

If you know me, you’ll know I get really into things pretty easily, but there is a good reason for this particular fascination!

Pinterest is an amazing visual search engine and is the hottest way to bring new traffic to your shop/blog/website right now.

If you’re not using Tailwind already, you can join for free here, and if you’re already using it I hope you learn some cool new features!

1) No more forgetting to post.

I am notoriously bad for saying ‘I’m just going to pin a few things’ – and then suddenly it’s 5am and I’m reading awful clickbait that has nothing to do with my niche and is definitely not stuff I would pin or share on social media.

With Tailwind I can pick a time when I’m productive and focused and just whip through my Pinterest scheduling for the week. This saves me both the time I would spend each day having to pin manually, plus the extra time I would inevitable spend lost in the Pinterest-abyss.

Pinterest favours fresh content from active pinners, so Tailwind helps keep me in the good books when things get busy.

2) You can use it to manage multiple social media accounts.

I wrote a full article about managing multiple Pinterest accounts. In short, they make it super easy to pin/post to any account you’ve connected to Tailwind, even if you’re not paying for Plus features.

3) You set the schedule.

Tailwind has a smart scheduler, so you just let it know how many times a day you want to post or pin, and it will automatically create a schedule based on the best time for you, i.e when your audience is most engaged.

4) Tailwind now offers Facebook integration.

That means when you pin something, by just ticking one extra box you can also post it to your Facebook page. Tailwind even searches the page for you to select the best graphics for Facebook (so it’s not posting your pin all awkwardly cropped).

5) Analytics – so many analytics!

Tailwind Plus provides you with information about which pins are performing the best, how many followers you’re getting, which boards are most popular and more. You can even see basic analytics on accounts that aren’t upgraded.

6) Tailwind Tribes.

You can join up to 5 Tailwind Tribes, which functions pretty much like an off-Pinterest group board. When you add a new pin to your queue you can also easily share it to your Tribes as well.

Tailwind Tribes are free for everyone to use, so even if you don’t want to pay for Plus, you should be using this feature!

It’s great for both sourcing relevant information and getting your own content in front of more people. You’re all invited to my Small Shop Owners Tribe!

7) Schedule posts from your iPhone.

If you have the Pinterest app and the Tailwind app, and you’re deep into a 3am Pinterest binge, you can click the ‘Send’ icon, pick Tailwind from the list and it will add it to your queue. OMG, wish I knew this when I started! Unfortunately, they don’t currently offer an Android app.  I have a post explaining this in more detail (with a fun little gif!)

Post to Tailwind with Blog Lists

8) Board Lists.

It took me way longer than it should have to learn about this feature! So handy. Just click Publisher, zip down to the little star that says Board List and start adding! I added lists for all my main topics (social media, blogging, work from home) that I generally post to. If it’s for your handmade business, you can add a list of all the group boards you share your product to. Now, instead of having to add each board to the list one at a time, when you click the spot to type in board names, you can just select the list and it will populate all of them for you! See photo on the right.

9) You can get Plus for FREE.

Yep, you heard it. When you sign up for Tailwind you get your very own referral link. Every time someone else accepts your invitation to join Tailwind you both get a $15 account credit, which is enough for a free month of Plus!

If you’re not a member yet, you can join with my link (so I can keep feeding my Pinterest/Tailwind addiction – thank you!!)

10) Even if you don’t pay for Plus, you can still use some great Tailwind features for free.

You pay for the automatic scheduling feature, but you can still use it to manually pin or post to Instagram for free. Check out my article about managing multiple Pinterest accounts to see how useful that is. You can also use Tailwind Tribes for free, as mentioned above, as well as hashtags list (which I cover here, and is bonus #11 thing that I love!)


I do have a couple things I wish Tailwind would change, though.

  • the Discovery feature on their app is basically useless; it pulls up totally irrelevant things when you search.
  • You can ‘send’ things to the Tailwind app but it doesn’t always find useable pictures. The exact same page pulled up in the Pinterest app generates multiple pinnable photos.
  • The Instagram Analytics aren’t great. To get access to the good features you need an Enterprise plan, which is $150 a month. I personally don’t think Tailwind for IG is worth paying for currently, but I do like their free features for it.

Are you using Tailwind? Let me know what you love/hate in the comments below!

If you’re not using it, you can sign up for free and receive a $15 account credit (good for a free one month trial of Plus membership.)

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